Join Settings

This page explains the join settings for items in the AdvancedItems plugin. These settings control whether the item is given to a player when they join the server and in which inventory slot.

  # Should player get this item when they join?
  giveItem: false
  # Should the item given with first join only?
  giveOnlyFirstJoin: false
  # Inventory slot in which item should be
  giveItemSlot: 0


  • Determines whether the player should receive this item when they join the server.

  • Set to true to give the item upon joining, and false to not give the item.


  • Determines whether the item should be given only on the player's first join.

  • Set to true to give the item only on the first join, and false to give the item on every join.


  • Specifies the inventory slot in which the item should be placed when given to the player.

  • Set to the desired slot number (0-35).

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