Creating items

Step-by-step guide on creating custom items

In-Game Editor

AdvancedItems has an in-game editor to edit and create custom items! The editor is extremely simple and intuitive, with auto-completion and guides.

In-Game Command: /ai editor

Editing Files

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a custom item for the AdvancedItems plugin. By following these steps, you will learn how to configure the item's properties, abilities, and other settings.

Step 1: Create a new item file

  1. Navigate to the /plugins/AdvancedItems/items/ folder on your server.

  2. Create a new YAML file (e.g., custom_item.yml) in this folder to store the settings for your custom item.

Step 2: Define the item properties

In the new YAML file, define the item's type, amount, name, lore, and other properties:

  amount: 1
  name: '&dVirtual Crafting Table'
    - '&7Right click to open a virtual crafting table'
  force-glow: true

Refer to the Item Configuration Wiki for more information on available settings.

Step 3: Configure general item settings (required)

Define the general settings for the item, such as stacking, usage limits, and world restrictions:

  disabledStacking: true
  ownerOnly: false
  usageLimit: -1
    - 'example'
  disableInteractions: true
  disableInventoryInteractions: false

Step 4: Set up join settings (optional)

Configure the join settings to control whether the item is given to players when they join the server:

  giveItem: false
  giveOnlyFirstJoin: false
  giveItemSlot: 0

Refer to the Join Settings Wiki for more information on available settings.

Step 5: Configure loot generation settings (optional)

Set up the loot generation settings to control whether the item appears in randomly generated chests in the world:

  ALL: 100

Refer to the Loot Generation Wiki for more information on available settings.

Step 6: Add abilities, triggers, and effects (required)

Define the abilities, triggers, and effects associated with the item:

      - 'CANCEL_EVENT'

Refer to the Abilities Wiki, Triggers Wiki, and Effects Wiki for more information on available settings.

Step 7: Configure crafting recipes (optional)

If you want to create a custom crafting recipe for your item, set up the layout and materials.

This is an example configuration, you would need to completely configure this for yourself.

    - 'WWW'
    - 'WWW'
    - 'WWW'

Refer to the Recipes and Crafting Wiki for more information on available settings.

Step 8: Save and reload the plugin

  1. Save the changes to your YAML file.

  2. Reload the AdvancedItems plugin on your server to load the new custom item.

That's it! You've now created a custom item with the AdvancedItems plugin. For more detailed information on each of the settings, visit the corresponding wiki pages linked throughout this guide.

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