General Settings

This page covers the general settings for items in the AdvancedItems plugin. These settings control various aspects of item behavior, such as stacking, usage limits, and world restrictions.

  # Should items be stackable
  disabledStacking: true
  # Should item be used by owner only
  # Owner is the person which receives item when given with commands
  ownerOnly: false
  # Usage limit
  # Set to -1 to disable
  usageLimit: -1
  # Worlds in which this item cannot be used
    - 'example_world'
  # Should interactions be disabled? E.g. placing
  disableInteractions: true
  # Should inventory interactions with this item be disabled?
  # If set to true, player won't be able to move this item in inventory
  disableInventoryInteractions: false


  • Determines whether items should be stackable or not.

  • Set to true to disable stacking, and false to enable stacking.


  • Determines if the item should be usable by the owner only.

  • The owner is the person who receives the item when given with commands.

  • Set to true for owner-only usage, and false to allow anyone to use the item.


  • Sets a limit on the number of times the item can be used.

  • Set to -1 to disable usage limits.


  • Lists the worlds in which the item cannot be used.

  • Add world names to the list to restrict usage in those worlds.


  • Determines whether interactions with the item should be disabled (e.g., placing).

  • Set to true to disable interactions, and false to enable them.


  • Determines whether inventory interactions with the item should be disabled.

  • If set to true, the player won't be able to move the item in their inventory.

  • Set to false to allow inventory interactions.

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